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Rhett Lindsey Puts In His Efforts To Eliminate Unjust Recruitment Procedures

Breaking stereotypes and advancing in the technological industry is Rhett Lindsey, a very well-established individual who is talented in a different set of fields and is using his talents to influence not just the society in general but people from diverse backgrounds in particular. We all realise how unjust and unfair selection procedures are all over the world come up and the corporations of United States of America particularly follow an extremely unjust hiring system that is known as ATS, applicant tracking system. This system basically sets apart those people who belong from diverse backgrounds, and have different cultures or ethnicity, and once the companies realise this, they certainly reject the applicant right from the very first step that is involved in every hiring process- going through the resume.

With the establishment of Siimee, Rhett Lindsey has certainly achieved a lot in a short span of time, since he came up with the idea last year in December, 2020. It was always a life-long ambition of Rhett Lindsey to influence the world for the better and develop a different approach towards tackling the various problems that are involved in recruitment technologies.

Before this, however, he had worked for about seven years in big corporations including Tinder, Microsoft, Facebook, and some others. Working along with them has provided him a deeper insight on how the corporate world actually functions, and how their recruitment system complies with the unjust treatment of individuals. This is why he makes sure to make remarkable advancements in this particular field, along without very special group of people that are involved with Siimee.

Brought up by a single mother and being a queer black man himself, Rhett Lindsey has surely had to face a lot of discrimination and limitations throughout his life. That, along with the continuous injustice he had to face as well as unwillingly dole out at the workplace, took a toll on him and so Rhett Lindsey launched Siimee. Today, Siimee has joined hands with Fyinder.Inc to together make the recruitment process for US corporations a bit fairer and a bit more accessible for everyone. However, it is especially helpful for people of colour and folks from the LGBTQIA+ community as they are the ones who have statistically faced the most financial and social abandonment. 

Below are the links for his official Instagram account on his official website, make sure to look them up for some deeper insight on how they work and adopt projects:




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