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Steven Ridzyowski’s Impressive Path to Ecommerce Success

Steven Ridzyowski is a successful entrepreneur and member of the Forbes Business and Young Entrepreneur councils. He is the founder of Sell Your Brand, an online marketplace exchange for eCommerce businesses and platforms that connects buyers and sellers of eCommerce brands and stores. 

In addition to that venture, Steven leveraged his 15 years of experience building brands and online businesses to launch Ecommerce Marketing Agency. They’ve grown tremendously over the past 2 years, even during the height of the pandemic. Currently, Steven manages a team and staff of over 30 people, and more than 100 clients across various eCommerce platforms.

Steven is a 32-year-old businessman who started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age. In 2007, while in his senior year of high school, he was actively involved in online business. Three years later, he was working multiple jobs while still managing his own online business. He was fascinated with the business environment and loved everything to do with the experience.

With the online space showing great potential for business dominance, Steven quickly turned to affiliate marketing. He started selling ringtones, a business that earned him his first six figures at the age of 19. This was a major win for the young business enthusiast, and he quickly craved more success.

Steven then turned to the skincare industry, where he started by selling different products. The business proved to be lucrative, and the innovative Steven was swift to launch his own skincare brand. He strategically positioned himself for more success in the business and, true to his wishes, Steven earned his first million at the age of 21. 

From there, Steven turned his attention to affiliate networks, starting his first affiliate business where he ran joint ventures with other media buyers in the industry. Since then, Steven has managed numerous brands across multiple platforms and industries, and he’s expanded and created multiple thriving seven-figure businesses. 

Steven has now settled in the eCommerce marketing sector, establishing the Ecommerce Marketing Agency based out of Miami, Florida. The brand has since amassed over 100 clients, who are spread across different eCommerce platforms. Managing such a huge client portfolio requires a team, and Steven now has over 30 employees. 

Steven says he was attracted to entrepreneurship at a young age for the freedom it offered to engage in whatever he wanted. Being a businessman offered him the liberty to venture into different sectors. For instance, choosing to venture into eCommerce was his decision after he saw the potential of the space. He knew that the online industry would be around for a long time, and he had to learn to adapt quickly. Steven is now keen on continuing his dominance in the online space to scale his businesses to create a multi-billion-dollar empire.

Steven’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to go after what you’re passionate about. He believes you have to take an interest in what you’re doing and innovate beyond that for success to come your way. “Make sure to always innovate,” he points out. “Don’t dwell on failing too much, and make sure you bounce back quickly and always move forward. The success will follow.”


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