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Swiftly Changing the Dynamics of the High-Ticket Sales Sector Is an Astute Entrepreneur, Gentry Chidester.

Gentry Chidester is the CEO of Elite Closers, one of the most rapidly growing online high-ticket sales companies.

We live in an era where everything has gone on online platforms. Diverse industries and businesses have found their way into digital and online space, thereby discovering a great platform to cover many untapped territories and further build a strong and robust clientele. This in turn has enabled many brands and firms to increase their profitability and further enjoy a large market share in their respective domains. No doubt, there is never ending cut-throat competition but yet companies have found their way to the top, meeting many unmet demands of a large population base around the world. Among the many different businesses, industries, verticals and domains, one special niche that is gaining humongous recognition among young budding entrepreneurs is the high-ticket sales sector. Sales for many years has been one of the undisputed divisions of any firm that has helped to gain profits. Without sales, no other function within the company can work freely and can survive in the long run. 

The high-ticket sales sector has been one of those niches that is now attracting many entrepreneurs across the globe. With many great returns in a short span of time and also the survivorship of the business module, entrepreneurs and companies have now turned their attention to it and wish to make it big. We came across one such next gen entrepreneur named Gentry Chidester who has unblocked the secret door of success in the high-ticket sales sector and is gaining much fame and recognition. But the road to success for Gentry was not a walk in the park, he had to diligently work hard day and night to reach this stage. Being inclined towards the medical profession, Gentry wanted to become a doctor. However His girlfriend, Andrea, now wife, became pregnant, and Gentry had to look for a job and ensure a better life for his young family. Being born and brought up in a family of 9 people, money was tight for him. Gentry decided that he wanted to have a good life for his son and then took up two full-time jobs, selling phones for Comcast and online health coaching, working over 18 hours a day. He worked from 5 am to 12 pm trying to get money for his family. All he wanted was to provide a better life for his wife and child to be. 

Later he was introduced to high-ticket online sales and instantly found it very interesting. Having decided to make it a successful profession, Gentry deep dived into the subject and passionately worked into it. He was quick to master the business’ antics, earning himself much more than he could have ever imagined, more even than being a doctor. He now makes 3–6K through online coaching programs and has achieved five times his income in 30 days. He has since done over 10K high-ticket consultations and over 35 million dollars in sales in 3 years. Gentry Chidester then founded “Elite Closers” where he is the CEO. Elite Closers is a one of a kind integrated company helping entrepreneurs become 6-figure sales professionals. Elite Closers help high-ticket closers become the top 1% in the business, leading to success. Gentry also helps high-ticket entrepreneurs find, hire, and train the top 1% sales talent out there. He also holds an impressive record in high-ticket online sales, having done over 35 million dollars in sales. Gentry has also managed and led multiple 7–8 figure sales teams, guiding them to success. 

Gentry opines that “There is a path to get what you want; you just need to be willing to chase your dream and not listen to anyone else’s,”. He wishes to help and motivate many other aspiring professionals within the same industry and also wants to take his company Elite Closers, onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list. 


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