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The Visionary Behind Meltdown & Hair Queen Beauty: AJ Asmar

In the modern era we currently live in, success has become instant. Many people no longer understand the true meaning of success and fail to understand the effort and hard work required to chase your passion. Building the life you’ve always wanted comes at a price, but in the end, it’s all worth it. The internet boom has also opened a lot more doors to gain success.

AJ Asmar is one of these ambitious people who have managed to build their own empire. Asmar’s English language skills were poor when he first arrived in the country at the age of 15, but with practice, he was able to improve. He is originally from Palestine and made a name for himself in the US through a lot of hard work.

Initially, Asmar worked for his family, who owned and operated a Louisiana-based neighborhood beauty supply store. For years, he studied and learned how the retail industry worked and what it takes to develop a successful company. On the other hand, his unconventional management approach did not go over well, so he vowed to make a stronger comeback.

Asmar inspires others to pursue their goals and never give up on their ambitions. Furthermore, he thinks that prior experience is crucial. Learning from an expert can help you start your own company. Because gaining success is a never-ending process, it’s vital to appreciate each stage and consider it a step forward.

What Asmar has accomplished is extraordinary. On his own, he has had a huge impact on the beauty industry. His knowledge and experience are now self-evident. Hair Queen Beauty and Meltdown goods can be found in more than 500 stores around the United States. They have become haircare essentials for many, leading to increased demand. 

Asmar was able to create his own retail beauty supply store, Hair Queen Beauty. His ingenuity and love of beauty assisted him enormously in his development. He was able to take advantage of his more than 13 years of experience. Asmar’s business generated over 2.5 million dollars in revenue in the first year, which was a life-changing experience for him.

The next step, he decided, would be to dominate the industry. He focused primarily on expanding his market share. Asmar opened six sites in six years and hired over 80 people to keep things running properly. He hasn’t stopped growing and hopes to do so in the future.

His brand, Meltdown, has also proved to be very successful. It’s a lace glue applicator for wigs and is now selling in more than 500+ retail stores locally. Many famous personalities have also endorsed meltdown’s products, and the reviews are very impressive. 

Asmar is currently working on launching another hair-and-beauty-related retail store, which will be the biggest one so far. It is expected to be a whopping 155,000 sq. ft. and will be able to accommodate a large number of customers.

His journey was full of setbacks and challenges, but he managed to keep moving forward and decided to go after his dreams. Asmar and his brands have the potential to become even bigger and dominate the beauty industry further.

Here’s a statement from Asmar regarding his project “We just launched The Retail University Training Technology that’s going to impact millions of retail business owners globally and here’s how.

The Retail University is a Virtual Interactive Training Technology Platform that I developed to helped me scale my business and turn my self from a business operator to a business owner. 

After over 20 years of retail experience I’ve realized that a lot of Retailers are leaving a lot of money on the table by not properly training managers and sales team. 

I’ve developed a new way train my team that is fitting for the new world we live in. 

The Retail University Training Technology  is a virtual and interactive platform that has short videos that is accessible by your phone, laptop or iPad. It’s a program that would also have daily reporting sent via text or email so that business owners can hold their staff accountable. I believe that in-order to have an effective training you need these for Keys.

1. Good Content 

2. Accountability 

3. Repetition

4. Practice and Role play  

The Retail University can also help the average person start a retail business, online or brick mortar and has a step-by-step strategies that I’ve used to scale my business from zero to 100 million. 

Website www.TheRetailUniversity.com

Social Media @theretailunivetsity 

Founded by AJ Asmar” 


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