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Tik-Tok Star Ava Bambini is the New Sensation in Social Media with more than 1 Million Subscribers in just 30 days

In her fight against Copyright infringement, the Artist joined hands with HYGO

We have various social media applications to design, develop and share information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression. These never-ending interactive technologies via virtual communities and networks aid us in recognizing the hidden treasures and their capabilities. One such platform is Tik-Tok which helped us to bring out such talent named – Ava Bambini.

In just a month, the celebrity drew the attention of more than one million followers with her skills. Her fan base is creating records and has set up benchmarks for the upcoming stars. A hobby turned into a career choice changed her direction from government worker to entrepreneur. The would-be military officer even paid back her scholarship amounts to become a full-time content creator. She says that the desire to pursue her dreams was worth the sacrifice.

The major challenge that Ava is facing while chasing her dreams is content infringement, an issue observed in this area of expertise. Even after taking multiple measures and security enhancements her ideas, data, content are still being leaked. Recently she signed to work with the HYGO team to resolve the persisting issues. She has been monitoring and been engaged in their technologies and works to mitigate such violations.

Ava’s endeavours may not be appreciated by everyone, but the current fanbase keeps her motivated to pursue her works. She is primarily focused to create more content and increase her fanbase. She plans to tackle the copyright and personal information issue heads on. Amidst these judgemental people, Ava is brave enough to change the direction of her career. All thanks to the social media platforms for recognizing and promoting such modern and fresh talents.


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