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Tips You Can Learn From Top Real Estate Agent Sheraz Ali

For most people, getting a real estate license is an accomplishment. From there, though, it can then take years to build portfolios, contacts, and a general understanding of how the complex and turbulent market works. Sheraz Ali, however, has done this at a rapid pace and has risen from a family-oriented community in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to become a real estate legend. He continues to defy the odds to redefine success.

Start Exploring the Business World Young

Perhaps due to his upbringing, Sheraz Ali had the ambitions and dreams to make it big, and unlike most people, he didn’t want to wait to achieve that success. At just 16, Ali got involved in numerous businesses, ranging from hospitality to entertainment to real estate to finance.

Ali is a true businessman at heart; his early work experience shows that he was born for this. Fittingly, Ali’s perspective on real estate is that of a business position and less of a sales one. Ali has been involved in real estate and investing for more than a decade now, and his vast knowledge is invaluable for others to learn from.

Build a Strong Team

With a dual license in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sheraz Ali has built an impressive team of contractors, assistants, and marketers to handle various aspects of his business, such as sales, finance, investments, and management. It’s due to this incredible team that he can continue with the success he’s already achieved, using it as a foundation for future endeavors. He is now looking to Austin Texas to grow his real estate business.

An impressive set of statistics accompanies Ali’s portfolio. He is in the top 3% of realtors in Canada and the top 1% at Royal LePage. As the owner of 15 properties, Ali doesn’t want to slow down; he plans to hike that number up to an impressive 100 over the next three years.

Explore Different Industries

Ali isn’t only a real estate agent. He is also the founder of Stock Sharks, an investment research company. Stock Sharks uses Ali and other knowledgeable investors’ market analyses to advise investors on making the best decisions regarding investments in the financial sector. They’re an exclusive company, allowing them to best serve their clients with focus and integrity. The experts at Stock Sharks research numerous companies, allowing them to make informed investment decisions.

Considering Stock Sharks has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, that’s quite a few people Ali would not be able to help if he had limited himself solely to real estate.

Help Your Community

Ali believes in working hard to earn a living for oneself, then using those blessings to give back to others. The entrepreneurial real estate agent does this through his one-of-a-kind wealth management services.

Ali is also the Director of Marketing for Canadian Islamic Wealth, Canada’s first wealth management company aimed specifically at the Muslim community. Many people who follow Islam are interested in investing, but following Sharia law can stand in their way. Ali gives his clients advice on halal investing, which means that the business practices are in line with Islamic principles.

Reflect and Learn From Your Past

When Ali looks back at his journey, he wishes he had worked even closer with people in the industry when he started, which would have helped him understand things more quickly. However, self-teaching and hardships made Sheraz Ali who he is today. Ali’s main priorities were never money; he wanted to learn and grow. This is done through working with other people and learning from all of their experiences in the professional world.

Sheraz Ali has dreams, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. He wants to expand his business to the United States, which is well on the way with American Islamic Wealth. He even dreams of owning an NBA team one day. With his passion and determination, it’s only a matter of time before he achieves these goals as well.


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