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“To be successful is also to be happy with what one works with”- says Andrew Arteaga:

The best results can only be produced when people don’t just believe in themselves but also in what they do. Passion in combination with determination is the most compatible concept that exists. Andrew Arteaga is a person who has learned to make the best of situations, and has not turned his back to do what his true self desires. 

Andrew’s childhood was difficult because he was always surrounded by negative influences. Many of his friends and family members had become addicted to drugs, and he always felt like he was scraping by. He used his love of art as an outlet for his frustrations, and he improved his drawing skills over time. Arteaga’s love of music fuelled his desire to produce physical art, and he won multiple drawing competitions during his time in middle and high school. Andrew’s family discouraged his artistic ambitions as his enthusiasm for art grew, believing that it could not be translated into a career, given their current financial condition. Andrew became entangled with the unpleasant things around him. He eventually got himself into legal difficulty and was sentenced to two years in prison. However, as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, and it was in prison that Andrew was first inducted into the world of tattoos. 

Arteaga continued working on his craft as a tattoo artist for eight years, and it was in his eighth year that he would finally get his big break. At the time, Arteaga was serving as an apprentice under famous tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste at his shop located in Los Angeles. There he met many well-known rappers with who he later became friends. Through his new connection and his impressive work, Arteaga quickly went on to work with celebrity clients. This is how Andrew built himself up from scratch all by himself. 

Andrew Arteaga does not just happen to be a simple tattoo artist; he is also recognised as an entrepreneur besides his major creative background. It was consistency that came in hand, he never fluctuated from his goal and dreams, and never even once thought of giving up, which a normal person would consider provided the challenges. a truly unique person, Andrew Arteaga is now more than thankful to not just himself but also the various circumstances that life made him face.

Andrew Arteaga is truly an inspirational person who has made the best of the situation and instead turned his failures into stepping stones to success. 

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